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E-learninG courses

Gain valuable insights into all aspects of the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector via our free e-learning courses

You will learn about ORE in an attractive, smart and fast way. The courses allow you to utilize this new knowledge to empower your activities in ORE or to make sure your workforce excels in the sector. 

There are eight stand-alone online courses in total. All courses are free and available anytime & anywhere.

Enjoy gaining new knowledge and excelling in the ORE sector!

Created by
These courses are being developed by ENCORE partners Deftiq and Bluespring with expert input from other ENCORE partners and observers.
The support, ideas and input from the following Education Advisory Board members are gratefully acknowledged:
University of Ghent, The European Marine Energy Centre, IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission, The University of Exeter,
University of Plymouth, Stichting Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut, Technical University of Delft, Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique,
Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE), De Oude Bibliotheek,
HZ University of Applied Sciences, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, CEMIE-OCEANO and the POES Network.

Are these courses for me?

Who are our e-learning target groups?

Who are our e-learning target groups?

Technology developers.png

Technology developers

Are you developing a technology for the ocean energy sector? 

The ENCORE online courses help you to broaden your understanding of the sector in order to understand how successfully take your technology to the market.

Who are our e-learning target groups?

Young entrants.png

Young entrants

Are you a student or young professional with a passion for the offshore renewable energy sector? 

The ENCORE online courses guide you through to the essential aspects of the offshore renewable energy sector for your research project or to stand out in the job market.

Who are our e-learning target groups?


Academics & researchers

Are you already the expert in numerical modelling or lab testing? Or are you familiar with ORE certification?

The ENCORE online courses help you connect the dots between your field of expertise and other important aspects in order to add value to the market.

Who are our e-learning target groups?

Consultants_new employees.png

Consultants & new employees in ORE

Are you exploring opportunities in offshore renewable energy or developing new business?

The ENCORE online courses help you understand the wider context for your new venture in the sector and make an impact for clients.

Overview of the modules

Introduction to Offshore Renewable Energy

International Certification of ORE technologies

Technology Development


Financing and commercialising ORE technologies


Environmental Impact

Transport, installation and commissioning


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The ENCORE e-learning modules are available at the online Deftiq Academy.

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