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Oceans of Energy - Offshore floating solar

Oceans of Energy develops a floating solution for generating electricity at open sea from the sun: offshore floating solar.
A modular system, composed of 12 platforms currently operating at the North Seas and capable of withstanding storms and up to 13 meter high waves.


Oceans of Energy operates two test sites in the North Sea:
one at 1 km offshore and a second one at 12 km off the coast of The Hague/ Scheveningen, the Netherlands. Ongoing pilot is located at the Offshore Test Site, operated by the ENCORE observer North Sea Farmers.

The current pilot is 50 kW. In the framework of the ENCORE project Oceans of Energy are preparing for expansion of this pilot. The aim is to reach a MW scale offshore solar farm in Summer 2022 at the Offshore Test Site. Oceans of Energy collects data on the loads, movements, power output, and interactions with the environment. The North Sea is notorious for its rough sea conditions. The Oceans of Energy offshore solar system is designed and tested to withstand 13 meters high waves. These conditions are unique in the world.

​In addition, Oceans of Energy is preparing for follow-up implementation at the Blue Accelerator site in Belgium, where
a 3 MW offshore solar farm will be implemented in 2023.

Although this is not funded by the ENCORE project, the project provides relevant support with the preparations for such upscaling and the route to market.

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