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De-risking innovative ORE innovations

How to de-risk novel offshore renewable energy innovations in order to make them bankable?

Technology Qualification (TQ) is the starting point of de-risking and part of Type Certification. In that regard the ENCORE partners held a first TQ-workshop assessing a novel offshore floating solar system.

The process is described in the recently published IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) IEC TS 62600-4.

Participants were experts from France, UK and Netherlands from Bureau Veritas France, EMEC: European Marine Energy Centre, DMEC (Dutch Marine Energy Centre), and Oceans of Energy.

The output of the workshop is a Certification Plan that will guide the Technology Developers in their path towards Type Certification and delivering bankable solutions for the energy transition.

Stay tuned for more TQ-workshops during the project.

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