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ENCORE and eMSP project discuss opportunities for offshore renewable energy and combined use at sea

On Wednesday 30th November 2022, ENCORE joined forces with the eMSP NBSR project to hold a final event and share the main outputs and results from the ENCORE project. The eMSP "Community of Practice Energy” meeting, hosted by RVO in The Hague, focussed on sustainable offshore energy and multi-use in wind farms. With an audience of policymakers responsible for marine spatial planning and Dutch government as a host, this was a unique forum for the adoption of our learnings and recommendations.

The eMSP NBSR project started in 2021 and brings together national and regional authorities responsible for Marine Spacial Planning, including research organisations and intergovernmental cooperations from the North and Baltic Sea Regions. The project will result in a project mechanism that supports maritime spatial planners to jointly develop approaches for MSP in the implementation phase of MSP and takes on board the ambitions of the policy implications from the European Green Deal and other EU initiatives.

ENCORE project partners Oceans of Energy, Bluespring, Teamwork Technology, Ghent University and DMEC joined the lively discussions on challenges, opportunities and conditions for offshore energy and combined use in marine spatial planning. Peter Scheijgrond presented the overall results of the ENCORE project and explained the need for adaptive policy (read more about Adaptive Policies >>>).

Another main topic of this CoP was social acceptance, because the energy transition is not only about technology, We also had the opportunity to share our e-learning courses developed by Deftiq, through a quiz with a prize awarded at the end of the event.

Relive the Community of Practice through the short video below.

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