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First ENCORE Regional Impact Campaign on 27-28.10.20 during OEEC

ENCORE kicks-off with its first regional impact campaign at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC) on 27-28th October 2020

After a successful start of the Interreg 2SEAS Programme, the ENCORE consortium is now planning the kick-off of its regional impact campaign at the online Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference (OEEC) on 27-28th October 2020.

At the OEEC, ENCORE will reach out to the offshore supply chain sector to meet potential partners to design, build and deploy offshore energy prototypes.

“The annual Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference, which would have been hosted in Amsterdam but will now be organised online, is the ideal setting for the first regional impact campaign, because it draws the right target audience, says Peter Scheijgrond, Project manager INTERREG 2SEAS ENCORE for Dutch Marine Energy Centre, initiator and coordinator of the ENCORE project. “Supply chain companies will be invited to attend virtual round table sessions on offshore renewable energy topics,as part of the conference programme”, continues Scheijgrond.

Within ENCORE, four innovative technologies will be further developed: offshore floating solar (Oceans of Energy), river current technology (Water2Energy and EEL Energy), wave energy (Teamwork Technology). To develop the prototypes of these technologies, ENCORE expects to sub-contract significant works.

The regional impact campaign at the OEEC will be the right place to start partnerships with potential offshore supply chain companies and to involve supply chain and other stakeholders in the project”, says Scheijgrond.

We highly recommend the following interesting sessions during OEEC:

OEEC sessions moderated by Peter Scheijgrond, Project manager Interreg 2 Seas ENCORE for Dutch Marine Energy Centre

On all days:

Showcases by University of Ghent on the brand new Coastal Ocean Bassin and, by DMEC a beautiful new video for the sector by the MEA project

Tuesday 27 October 09.45 – 10.15 hr

Talkshow: Focus on Offshore Wind With Benjamin Lehner, Business & Innovation Advisor DMEC on 'The Future of Renewable Energy Parks'

Offshore Wind is a frontrunner when it comes to renewable energy. Major projects are realised in the North Sea. Technologies are improved and new ones are invented. Other regions in the world are catching up, creating opportunities for established companies. A talk show on what is on the horizon for offshore wind.

Tuesday 27 October 10.00 – 11.00 hr

Round Table Session: Supply Chain opportunities for marine energy projects

With Oceans of Energy, Teamwork Technology, Water2Energy and Inyanga Marine Projects (Thypso/HydroWing), EEL-Energy

Marine energy pilot projects offer opportunities for the offshore supply chain sector to work together on designing, building and deploying offshore energy prototypes. Within this round table we introduce you to four innovative marine energy companies and invite you to explore potential collaboration opportunities, in the fields of i.e. fabrication & installation contracts, offshore equipment, mooring, cabling and coating. The presented marine energy technology companies are active in offshore floating solar, river current technology, wave energy and tidal-to-hydrogen production. This Round Table Session is made possible thanks to the INTERREG 2SEAS ENCORE project and is part of their Regional Impact Campaign.

Tuesday 27 October 11.15 – 11.45 hr

Talkshow: Marine Energy, the Next Big Thing! With Andries Unen, CEO Tocardo, Richard Parkinson, CEO Inyanga Marine Projects, Patrik Möller, CEO CorPower Ocean and Kim Nielsen, Wave Energy Consultant, Ramboll

When it comes to establishing the energy transition, all forms of renewable energy are needed. As an untapped and reliable source of energy, marine energy can play an important role in complementing the future energy mix. What is the potential of marine energy and what collaborations do we see with the offshore and maritime sectors?

Tuesday 27 October 12.00 – 12.30 hr

Energy Talk: The Promise of Offshore Floating Solar Brigitte Vlaswinkel, Oceans of Energy & Wilfried van Sark, University of Utrecht

Brigitte Vlaswinkel, research and offshore operations director at Oceans of Energy, shares her vision on the promise of offshore floating solar systems based on the results from their succesful test installation at the North Sea. Professor Wilfried van Sark from University of Utrecht will reflect on the results of their research on simulation of performance differences between offshore and land-based photovoltaic systems.

Tuesday 27 October 14:00 - 14:45 hr

From Impact Festival: Marine Energy, the Next Big Thing!

With Sander des Tombe (Marine Energy Ambassador DMEC & OEE), Andries van Unen (Tocardo) and Pieter Hack (REDstack)

When it comes to establishing the energy transition, all forms of renewable energy are needed. As an untapped and reliable source of energy, marine energy can play an important role in complementing the future energy mix. Join this session to learn more about the potential of marine energy. Moderator: Britta Schaffmeister, DMEC

Wednesday 28 October 11.15 – 11.45 hr

Energy Talk: Oceans powering the energy transition: Progress through innovative business models and revenue support

Francisco Boshell, Analyst, RE Technology Standards and Markets, IRENA Ahead of major new IRENA publication, Francisco Boshell will share holistic insights into ocean energy technologies and their potential and outline the steps that are necessary to reach commercialisation.

For more information about and registration for the OEEC, please visit:

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