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IECRE marine energy survey: open to all industry stakeholders

The marine energy sector is growing fast and often involves the development of novel marine energy converters. One way to ensure this technology functions correctly and safely is through testing and certification.

IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) has launched a survey to better understand the growing needs for certification in the sector and develop corresponding services by certification bodies and test facilities worldwide.

"Technology developers are the main target group for the survey, but we would also like to hear from the broader stakeholder community for marine energy, including certification bodies, test laboratories, financers, insurers and regulators," says Peter Scheijgrond of MET-support, who developed the survey co-convenor of the IECRE working group for Certification scope.

The survey will run until 30 March 2021, the results will be aggregated and compiled in a public report.

Take the survey now:

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