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Impact of EU policy & funding to reach EU Offshore Renewable Energy Targets

The European Court of Auditors is reviewing the effectiveness of EU Policy and instruments to meet EU Offshore Renewable Energy targets. As part of this work, ECA is interested to receive feedback and recommendations from the industry on executing EU policy and EU-funded projects, which aim to contribute to those targets.

As part of the INTERREG ENCORE project (Energising Coasts with Offshore Renewable Energy), Peter Scheijgrond (CEO, Bluespring), in his capacity as chairman of the Dutch Energy from Water Association (EWA), organised two Round Table sessions at OEEC 2022. Katarzyna Radecka-Moroz from European Court of Auditors was invited as a special guest to co-host the Round Table discussion.

“We need high ambitions from our national governments and lots of tenders” Johnny Meit, Oceans of Energy

Participants of the Round Tables included Ocean Energy Europe, Shell, Dutch Marine Energy Centre, Simply Blue, XODUS, Skysun, Teamwork Technology, Oceans of Energy, Seaqurrent.

The participants of the Round Tables came to the following conclusions:

  • Encourage Member States to adopt offshore renewables targets in the revised NECPs in 2023

  • The inclusion in Marine Spatial Plans (MSPs) per sea basin of ORE targets and a clear pathway towards multi-use at sea, also shows ambition to the sector.

  • Between now and 2030 the sector needs allocation of sites, ideally nearshore and grid-connected for example through MariParks

  • Beyond 2030, national governments should consider the role of ORE as part of system impact and system integration costs.

  • Adaptive Policy Interventions can help to formulate targeted actions at each stage of development and for different technologies (read more here >>).

We need a mix of energy to achieve true energy security and minimize the cost of storage Maarten Berkhout, Seaqurrent

The full report can be read here:

20221129 Round table sessions with European Court of Auditors at OEEC
Download PDF • 2.39MB

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