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Through its Interreg 2 Seas Programme, Europe has awarded €8.5 million to the ENCORE project: Energising Coastal Regions with Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE).
Lead partner and coordinator Bluespring brings together project partners from 4 European countries:

Water2Energy (NL), EEL Energy (Fr), Oceans of Energy (NL), Teamwork Technology (NL), Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC), the European Marine Energy Centre (UK),
Artelia (FR), Bureau Veritas (FR), Ghent University (BE),
Inyanga (UK) and Deftiq (NL).


The goal of the ENCORE project is to advance the rapidly emerging ORE sector. With the ambition to become a global industry leader, the 2 Seas Offshore Renewable Energy sector needs support to successfully scale-up.

ENCORE will advance four ORE technologies with experts in a structured and collaborative process and tackle common challenges, thus moving these technologies from TRL 3 to 5:​

  • Water2Energy river current turbine

  • Teamwork Technology wave energy device

  • Oceans of Energy offshore solar plant

  • EEL Energy undulating water current turbine


The ENCORE project partners will also develop a route-to-market strategy for ORE solutions to accelerate commercialization for islands, harbors, estuaries and offshore structures building on the following sub-objectives:

  • prepare SMEs for investment

  • continue to improve new international standards and certification

  • support skills development in the Blue Economy

  • involve supply chain and stakeholders

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