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Symphony Wave Power - by Teamwork Technology

Teamwork Technology develops the Symphony Wave Power device,
a point absorbing wave energy system that converts the wave motion below the surface of the water into an internal water pressure. This pressure drives an innovative turbine for the production of electricity. The Symphony Wave Power is based on 20 years of experience,
is highly efficient with a simple design, invisible and environmentally friendly.

Symphony wave power

The Symphony Wave Power concept is based on a variable volume in the waves. If the water surface is high, the pressure in the wave increases and the volume decreases. If the water is low, the pressure is low and the volume expands. This happens because of an internal (air) spring. The internal system is mechanically coupled with the hull through a large roll membrane, which seals the inner system from the salt water and creates a well-conditioned environment. This membrane is also the bearing between the inside and the outside, and the piston that pushes water into the airspring. All this water has to pass the water turbine. The whole interior works as a hydraulic power take off, while the pressure is much lower than with oil hydraulics and the technology is much more simple and low risk. The whole system has no polluting materials like oil, and is fully recyclable…

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Symphony Wave Power BV (Symphony) is a subsidiary of Teamwork Cooperation. Their core business is the development, production and operations & maintenance of the Symphony Wave Power electricity system.

Activities within ENCORE

The development of Symphony Wave Power started in previous projects, such as "Wetfeet" (European project) and "Base point" (Portugal). The general concept and technology are based on the lessons learned from a previously developed and tested device (Archimedes Wave Swing). The ENCORE project represents a next step, with a strong focus on de-risking and professionalizing of the development path and gaining interest from investors to take the business and technology to the next level.


Under previous programs critical components were identified and tested. In ENCORE the tested components are brought together in a functioning device, that will be dry-tested (on land) before installation in the sea. All components will be fully operational. A dedicated set-up was built to test the turbine as if it was operating in the waves. The turbine experiences full power, with cycle time 6-10 seconds and resonance with the hydraulic springs in the system. Functionality and efficiency are tested above the limits of operation. A detailed test report will serve de-risking of the technologies. After these tests, the turbine is taken to the dry-test set-up, where also the rubber membranes will be integrated. This duration test will further support the de-risking.


After the ENCORE project a period of wet testing at sea is needed, to confirm operation in real conditions before commercialization of the technology. Symphony Wave Power is well fitted for various innovation subsidies available both on national and European level. Setting up the right business approach and partnering with financial partners is part of ENCORE.


Sales of first devices is planned for 2023, as part of a subsidized scheme, other markets are niche markets, like powering remote applications. In the Netherlands coastal projects or projects in combination with wind turbine arrays are being developed.


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