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Water2Energy - vertical axis water turbine

Dutch partner Water2Energy develops  a novel vertical axis water turbine that  generates energy from low velocity water flows and is fish friendly. The turbine blades have pitch control. As part of ENCORE the system will be tested at a sluice gate discharge channel in Vlissingen, Zeeland, NL.


Technical details

Turbine diameter: 2.00 m

Turbine height: 2.72 m (of which 2.3 m immersed)

Support frame: 3.05 m x 3.05 m (x Hf = 6 m)

Total weight: 12.5 Tons        
By-pass channel: 2.75 m x 3.00 m


Power: 100 kWp

Daily production: 800 kWh


Investment cost

Approx. 250K Euro (excluding development costs)


  • CFD-calculations: August 2020

  • Start of design: October 2020

  • Start of production: December 2020

  • Start of assembly: April 2021

  • 1st Test of installation: in May 2021 the support frame was tested for fitting in the bypass recesses, repeated including turbine early September 2021

  • PMG delivery: August 2021

  • Installation: October 2021 (depending on cable laying and permittance procedures)

  • Testing: October 2021 until mid 2022

W2E new.png

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