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ENCORE project takes off

Through its Interreg 2 Seas Programme, Europe awards 5.9 million euro to the

ENCORE project: ENergising Coasts with Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE). The

goal of the project is to advance the rapidly emerging ORE sector. With the

ambition to become a global industry leader, the 2SEAS ORE sector needs

support to successfully scale-up.

ENCORE offers advanced technical and business support services to accelerate the ORE

sector in the 2 Seas region. As part of the service portfolio, international certification

schemes will be applied to reduce risks and increase investor confidence and to attract

new capital to the sector. An education & training programme will be developed to train

and prepare new young talent in the sector. In each country, regional impact campaigns

will be set up to involve supply chain and stakeholders in the project.

Services will be delivered to four next generation ORE companies, covering new

technologies; river current technology: Water2Energy (NL) and EEL Energy, offshore

floating solar: Oceans of Energy (NL) and wave energy: Teamwork Technology (NL).

To support the four ORE technologies, lead partner Dutch Marine Energy Centre (DMEC)

brings together project partners from 4 European countries: the European Marine Energy

Centre (UK), Artelia (FR), Bureau Veritas (FR), Ghent University (BE), Inyanga (UK) and

Deftiq (NL).

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