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Offshore renewable energy INNOVATIONS



Water2Energy develops  a novel vertical axis water turbine that  generates energy from low velocity water flows and is fish friendly. The turbine blades have pitch control. As part of ENCORE the system will be tested at a sluice gate discharge channel in Vlissingen, Zeeland, NL.

Teamwork Technology

Teamwork Technology develops the Symphony Wave Power device, a point absorbing wave energy system that converts the wave motion below the surface of the water into an internal water pressure. This pressure drives an innovative turbine for the production of electricity.

Oceans of Energy

Oceans of Energy develops a floating solution for generating electricity at open sea from the sun:

offshore floating solar. A modular system, composed of 12 platforms currently operating at the North Seas and  capable of withstanding storms up to 13 meter high waves.

EEL Energy

The EEL Tidal Energy Converter uses an undulating membrane that moves up and down in currents, like the motion of an eel. This cyclic motion is transformed into electricity by an electro-mechanical power take off. Thanks to the non-obstructive motion, it is inherently fish friendly.

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Support services

ENCORE partners support technology developers with commercial plans to prepare their technology, company and projects for investment. Our connections with the financial sector enable us to review business plans and facilitate pitches to investors.

One of the main outputs from our engagements is a vision for offshore renewable energy in the 2SEAS regions. The goal is to increase investments and job creations in the sector.

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